PA1HR's antenna system


This photo shows parts of the antennasystem.

On the left side the Diamond U5000 for 144/430/1240 MHz.

In the middle the Diamond V2000 for 50/144/430 MHz.

On the right the Icom AH-7000 discone antenna for 25 to 1300 MHz.

The little box in the middle is a directional antenna for high speed data on 1240 MHz.


Underneath the four antennas for VHF/UHF/SHF you'll see parts of the HF-wireantennas.

On the right side the top part of the 2x54 feet inverted vee

with US Wireman CQ552 open wire feeder.

On the left side the top part of the 2x22.5 feet sloping dipole.


Here you see how the open feeders and coax cables are led into the shack.



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