Antenna tuners


On the left side a modified E.F. Johnson Viking Matchbox which handles >275 Watt.

On top of it the antenna current meter to measure both feeders of the open line.

On the right side the double Collins filter from Annecke which handles >1000 Watt.

I use an inverted Vee and a sloping dipole with The Wireman CQ-552 feederline.


Home made antenna matching network (Pi, L and Reversed L).

Variable split stator capacitor 2 x 30-295 pF, roller inductor 22 uH, variable capacitor 46-480 pF,

additional switchable 270 pF fixed capacitors to increase the range of the matcher.



View from the rear of the home made antenna matching network.


Several Daiwa CS-401 coaxial switches to select two HF-antennas,

two antenna tuners, balun, dummyload and surge protection between three HF-rigs.



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