This photo shows the groundsystem in my shack.

For this purpose I use very solid groundstrips and bulkhead connectors with surge protector.

Rigs and antennatuners are each connected to this groundstrip.

The antennacables are connected to the antenna mast with the same kind of groundstrip

and bulkhead connectors without surge protector.

The antenna mast has his own groundsystem (double ground rod; 27 feet into the ground).

The groundsystem of the shack is seperated from the groundsystem of the house, to prevent loops.


Frontside of the groundstrip.

Bulkhead connectors with surge protector from MaCom (AMP):

500 Watt, internal loss 0.035 dB (430 MHz), gas filled cartridges.

Coaxial cables to the antennas: Aircom+, cable length about 60 feet.

Coaxial cables to the VHF/UHF/SHF-equipment: Aircell.



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