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DeltaLoop: PA1HR's DeltaLoop antenna

Antenna system: PA1HR's antenna system

Antenna tuners: HF antenna tuners, antenna current meter and coaxial switches

Groundsystem: Groundsystem in my shack

Artificial Ground: Home made artificial ground

Begali Signature: This is one of the best paddles, with an excellent click

Schurr Profi-2: Another very good paddle, made with real craftsmanship

HA Iambic Paddle: A very special iambic paddle from Hungary

QSL: Frontside of two of my QSL-cards

Keyclick and NB mod: Photo impression of the Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark-V Keyclick and Noise Blanker modification

Filtering of the Icom IC-775DSP: Instructions how to install another (soldered) Icom filter

Inrad Roofing Filter in the Icom IC-775DSP: Installation Instructions of the Inrad Roofing Filter Mod in the Icom IC-775DSP

Inrad Roofing Filter in den Icom IC-775DSP: Installation des Inrad Roofing Filters in den Icom IC-775DSP (Deutsche Sprache)

Inrad Roofing Filter in the Yaesu FT-920: Installation Instructions of the Inrad Roofing Filter Mod in the Yaesu FT-920

Modification of the Icom IC-T81E: Instructions how to use the CALL Keypad button for another function

Filtering of the Yaesu FT-1000D: Filter setup, modifications and improvements of the Yaesu FT-1000D

Filtering of the Yaesu FT-1000 Sub RX: Instructions how to install an Inrad filter instead of the standard Murata ceramic IF-filter

Replacing the Lithium Battery Cell of the Yaesu DVS-2: Instructions how to install a battery holder

Leaking caps: Repair of a PCB being defective by leaking capacitors

Daiwa CS-401 : Inside view of the Daiwa CS-401 coaxial swicth

MLB: Inside view of the RF Systems Magnetic Longwire Balun

VA7OJ/AB4OJ: Link to the excellent site of Adam VA7OJ/AB8OJ about Icom transceivers (and more)

VA3CR: Link to the excellent site of Doug VA3CR about the Yaesu FT-1000MP (Mark V and Field)

W4RNL (April 2008: SK, very sadly): Link to the excellent site of W4RNL about antennas (service and education)

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